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Series 10 (2002 format)
Often considered as one of the show's quintessential seasons.
Often considered as one of the show's quintessential seasons.
Episodes 10
Originally aired 07/10/2007 - 23/12/2007
Original network BBC Two
Resolution 576i
Aspect ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Uncut length 611:49
Preceded by Series 9 (2007)
Superceded by Series 11 (2008)

The tenth series of Top Gear premiered in the United Kingdom on the 7th October, 2007, and concluded on the 23rd December, 2007, after a run of 10 episodes. The series' main host was Jeremy Clarkson, and he was accompanied by Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig as co-presenters. The series was produced at Television Centre in Wood Lane, London, and aired on BBC Two in a 60-minute studio format. Series 10 attracted an average viewership rating of 7.01 million viewers per episode, with a peak of 8.35 million viewers for Episode 8, and a low of 5.53 million viewers for Episode 2.

Highlights from this series include the guest appearance of Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton helping to set BBC Two's all-time best ratings in a record which stood for over six years, a second attempt at building amphibious cars with which to cross the English Channel, and a return of the intercontinental race format, pitting all four Top Gear hosts against each other in a race across the entirety of London. Other moments include Clarkson driving the diminutive Peel P50 all the way inside Broadcasting House, and Richard Hammond's first high-performance drive in a supercar since his 2006 injury, racing a Bugatti Veyron against a Typhoon fighter jet.

Home video distribution[edit | edit source]

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Series 10 would first be released on home video on 21st April, 2009 in the United States and Canada as a Region 1 release. The series would then be released in Australia on the 6th August, 2009 as a Region 4 release in a red steelbook case, before making its way to its native United Kingdom on the 25th October, 2010, three years after its initial broadcast. Major cuts were made to the episodes in order to fit 3 discs, which usually resulted in The News segment being cut, or occasionally the SIARPC, which rather infamously includes Jennifer Saunders' very near attempt at dethroning Simon Cowell.

All home video releases of Series 10 were on DVD only, and received identical cuts regardless of region. From the series' original 10 hour runtime, the DVD versions of Series 10 have been reduced to just 8:25:50, with almost 2 hours of footage being cut in total. Chronologically, it was the first series to receive a box set release.