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Episode 6

TG 2002 S6E6 - Race.jpg Clarkson in Oslo with the SLR.

TG 2002 S6E6 - SLR Side.jpg The SLR spotted in Oslo by an amateur photographer.

TG 2002 S6E6 - SLR Rear.jpg The SLR spotted in Oslo by an amateur photographer.

Prod. code GFGB056B
No. 54 (since 2002), 621 (since 1977)
Runtime 59:37
Viewers 4.55 million
Next ep. Series 6, Episode 7
Airdate Flaguk.png 3rd July, 2005
International Airdates

BBC World Logo Flag Small.png 23rd July, 2005
Flagpl.png 7th October, 2005
Flagru.png 9th October, 2005 (Part 1)
Flagnl.png 25th November, 2005
Flagru.png 4th December, 2005 (Part 2)
Flagca.png 23rd April, 2006
BBC Prime Logo Flag Small.png 16th May, 2006
Flagau.png 21st August, 2006
Flagfi.png 14th July, 2007
Flagko.png 24th February, 2008
Flagjp.png 1st August, 2008 (PSN)
Flagus.png 18th August, 2008
Flagbe.png 27th July, 2009
Flaghu.png 28th August, 2009
Flagcz.png 14th November, 2009
Flages.png 8th March, 2010
Flagee.png 21st April, 2010
Flagjp.png 11th December, 2010
Flagde.png 9th July, 2011
Flagit.png 15th October, 2011

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Series 6, Episode 6 of Top Gear aired on the 3rd July, 2005. It was the sixth episode of [[Top Gear (2002 TV series)/Series 6|Series 6]]; the 54th episode of Top Gear since the show's 2002 reboot and the 621st episode overall, including compilations. It was the 612th episode since Top Gear entered national broadcasting in 1978, and was the 11th programme to air in 2005 out of a total 26. Series 6, Episode 6 was originally broadcast in 576i at a 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio on British television channel BBC Two. The episode was presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, alongside The Stig. David Dimbleby was the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car.

This episode is perhaps best-known for predominantly featuring Top Gear's third intercontinental race, the Race to Oslo, where Clarkson, driving a McLaren-Mercedes SLR, raced against fellow hosts Hammond and May who attempted to use nautical travel to reach Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As narrated by Jeremy Clarkson:

  • Question Time comes to our Reasonably-Priced Car.
  • Aston's DB9 racer comes to our track.
  • And an offshore powerboat against a Mercedes SLR.

The episode structure for Series 6, Episode 6 was highly atypical in the sense that the majority of the episode was taken up by the race to Oslo, which immediately opened up the episode with Clarkson briefly mentioning the two races which had occurred before it in the studio.

Airing history[edit source]

For a concise, detailed report on this episode's international airing history, see Airing history.
United Kingdom
Series 6, Episode 6 would premiere on BBC Two on the night of the 3rd July, 2005. It would be repeated[1] four nights later, before being edited down into a 45 minute version by Red Bee Media for usage on UKTV channels such as UKTV People and UKTV G2, where the episode began airing approximately 2 weeks after its premiere on BBC Two. The original, mostly unedited version of the episode would air for one night only[2] on BBC Three on the night of the 21st July, 2007. This latter airing's sole edit was to the competition segment, with large red "THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED" letters being displayed onscreen to discourage viewers from voting in the competition which they mistakenly believed was still ongoing. This was evidently not enough, and later episodes from the series would censor the phone number to prevent future calls.

Internationally, the episode would first premiere on BBC World on the 23rd July 2005, 3 weeks after its UK release. It would then be shown in Poland on TVN Turbo that October, the Netherlands on Veronica in November, and would be split into two parts for broadcast on Russia's NTV network in October and December. The episode would then air in Canada on the 23rd April, 2006, before having a larger worldwide broadcast on BBC Prime a month later.

Further reading[edit source]

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For a fully detailed, in-depth analysis of this episode, please visit Top Gear (2002 TV series)/Series 6/Episode 6/Unabridged.

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