Top Gear (2016 TV series)

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Top Gear logo.

Top Gear is the name of an ongoing British automotive journalism programme which began airing on the 29th of May, 2016. It is a soft reboot of the earlier Top Gear which aired from October 2002 through to June of 2015 before its cancellation and subsequent revival in light of former lead host Jeremy Clarkson being sacked in March 2015. As of January 2022, this version of the programme has thus far ran for approximately 50 episodes across 9 series, and has largely been characterised through the persistent tenure of former evo writer Chris Harris, who has so far accompanied three separate presenting teams during his time on the show.

Due to the BBC recognising the show as a continuation of the prior format rather than a full reboot, 2002-era series designations have been used, with the programme's first series being Series 23, which premiered in May of 2016.