Suzi Perry

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Suzi Perry
Suzi Perry.jpgSuzi Perry.
Full Name Suzi Perry
Nationality Flaguk.png Great Britain
Sex Female
Occupation Presenter of BBC Motor Show TV Specials
On-screen debut Motor Show 2002 (2002)
Final appearance Fifth Gear: Series 22, Episode 8 (2013)

Suzi Perry was a British motoring journalist who briefly presented for the BBC's yearly motoring shows, presenting the last one alongside Jason Barlow and Dominic Littlewood.

Career[edit | edit source]

Prior to her first appearances in car-based media, Suzi Perry's initial television appearances were for BBC's Grandstand sports programme, where she would present[1] coverage for World Super Bike and MotoGP events from 1997 until 2010. In 2002, Perry would help to present the BBC's coverage of the 2002 Motor Show in Birmingham, which was the final special in a series that could trace it roots back to 1952, ending a 50-year tradition for the corporation. Her next appearance in automotive journalism media came in 2005 when, reuniting with Barlow, she helped to present[2] Sky One's 2005 television special Movies' Greatest Cars, which was directed by Top Gear director Nigel Simpkiss. She would then appear in Series 22, Episode 8 of Fifth Gear 8 years later.

Outside of these scant appearances, Perry is much more widely known for her work on The Gadget Show, a programme helmed by Jon Bentley of ex-Top Gear and Fifth Gear fame. Along with Bentley, Perry was the programme's lead female host from its inception in 2004 until the conclusion of its sixteenth series in 2012, likely owing to her new role[3] within Formula 1, where she succeeded Jake Humphrey.

Alleged Top Gear offer[edit | edit source]

During the programme's 2016 relaunch, it was alleged that Suzi Perry had been offered a role on the show. Perry had indeed been offered[4] the opportunity to join the programme's previous incarnation in 2002, but rejected it. Bookmakers and journalists alike had speculated that she would be joining Top Gear to host alongside Chris Evans, but these were later disproven as rumours, with Perry herself stating[5] that she wasn't even offered a role on the relaunched Top Gear, nor was she expecting one.

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