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Welcome to The GearKnob Wiki
Home of 153 articles about automotive journalism programmes and counting. Officially opened to the public on 25/09/2022.

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This Wiki aims to be a complete resource for all things televisual and written in the world of cars.

In order to classify for inclusion, the programme must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  • Present some form of journalistic automotive content in a serious and factual manner
  • Feature road testing and reviews of then-new vehicles
  • Air on television or on a major streaming service
  • Have a direct lineage to the Top Gear concept created by Derek Smith (i.e. Fifth Gear, Panic Mechanics, The Grand Tour) - this automatically overrules any other rule
  • Accompany a magazine or other regular publication (i.e. Hot Version, Motorweek)

Programs cannot:

  • Be exclusively satirical or farcical in nature
  • Be internet-exclusive (otherwise this Wiki would be flooded with poorly-made, mass-produced Vlogs)
  • Be exclusively focused on the re-building, restoration, or modification of cars (e.g. Car SOS, Wheeler Dealers, Pimp My Ride etc.)
  • Be exclusively focused on the purchase and sale of classic cars (e.g. Chasing Classic Cars, Bangers & Cash etc.)
  • Be exclusively focused on motorsport unless the show is a child program of Top Gear or a related programme (i.e. Rally Report, Top Gear Motorsport, Grand Prix reports hosted on Wheelbase etc.)
  • Orignate outside Europe, Russia, North America, Brazil, East Asia (Japan, Korea etc.) or Australia, otherwise there'd be hundreds of low-budget, likely lost automotive programs this Wiki would have to list

Please take a look at the rules before submitting an application, so that you are familiar with them.

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