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All around the internet, there are concise, insanely-detailed resources for just about any type of media you can think of, likewise representing just about every media franchise you can think of. Passionate fans breaking down every single molecule of their chosen franchise down to its base components, so that the layperson has a resource to get reliable facts from rather than hearsay.

But for Top Gear, this has never been the case. There are no websites that allow you to go through, episode by episode, and list everything you could possibly want to know about them from an encyclopedic perspective. Granted, there are some that tell you from a more formal point-of-view, and of course Wikipedia gives the basic facts, but there is otherwise nothing. There certainly isn't any online resource available for the pre-2002 version of the show. Until 2020, there wasn't even an episode guide available. Though the show did considerably change in tone between 2001 and 2002, it is not something that should ever be omitted.

Top Gear Wiki? Nope. Some pages are/were more fleshed out than others, but it was never even close to being finished and it likely never would have been under Fandom's godawful leadership.

What the GearKnob Wiki sets out to do is to document every single episode of Top Gear from its 1977 inception through to the present, incorporating each and every little facet that accompanied it along the way. Wheelbase. Fifth Gear. The Grand Tour. The Top Gear Magazine, and all its foreign variants. Every single car. Every single star. Every single inch of tar. Though this Wiki launches with a mere handful of articles, by the time our work is finished, it will house tens of thousands of pages worth of content on everything to do with automotive journalism and its related media.


Because fans of Top Gear and its general sphere of influence deserve a well-developed internet resource that accurately documents Top Gear without the egos that have plagued Fandom for many years.

Aims (to be added to in the future)[edit | edit source]

  • The first and main aim of the GearKnob Wiki is to feature pages on all 180 or so episodes of the 2002 format of Top Gear. These pages will each feature an in-depth look into each episode, the production that went behind them, and all the little idiosyncracies they might possess.
  • The second, which will likely be finished first, is to then feature pages on the 1977 format of Top Gear, which no online resource currently documents.
  • After that will come secondary shows, such as spin-offs and spiritual successors like Fifth Gear and The Grand Tour.
  • Meanwhile, Nik will primarily help with Japanese programming and magazines, such as Best Motoring and Hot Version, among many others.
  • Over a long period of time, this Wiki will continually grow to accommodate more and more shows, so that it becomes a general home for car journalism programmes.