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Main releases[edit | edit source]

The first part of this article covers series released in the programme's home territory of the United Kingdom.

Series 10[edit | edit source]

Main article: Top Gear (2002 TV series)/Home Video Releases/Series Box Sets/Series 10
Series 10 was the first complete series of Top Gear to receive a home video release, and would first be released on the 21st April, 2009 in the United States and Canada as a Region 1 release. The series would then be released in Australia on the 6th August, 2009 as a Region 4 release in a red steelbook case, before making its way to its native United Kingdom on the 25th October, 2010, three years after its initial broadcast. Major cuts were made to the episodes in order to fit 3 discs, which all home video releases of this series received regardless of region. From the series' original 10 hour runtime, the DVD versions of Series 10 have been reduced to just 8:25:50, with almost 2 hours of footage being cut in total.

Series 11[edit | edit source]

Series 13[edit | edit source]

Series 14[edit | edit source]

Series 15[edit | edit source]

Series 16[edit | edit source]

Series 17[edit | edit source]

Series 19[edit | edit source]

Series 20[edit | edit source]

Other series[edit | edit source]

Series 9[edit | edit source]

Series 12[edit | edit source]

Series 18[edit | edit source]

Series 21[edit | edit source]

Series 22[edit | edit source]

Third-party Japanese releases by Assist Corp.[edit | edit source]

On the 6th December, 2019, three series which never saw a home release in any other territory, Series 2, Series 3, and Series 6, were all released on DVD for the very first time. They were produced by Assist-Corp[1], a company previously known[2] for distributing physical copies of pornography. Due to an endorsement[3] from the BBC Japan Twitter page, these releases are genuine and were made with permission from the Japanese arm of the BBC. However, it appears, from various reviews on Amazon, that the discs were unreliable and the box set may have been produced in very low numbers, making them unobtainable for most fans of Top Gear, even those living in Japan. Assist-Corp has since lost[4] the licence to produce DVDs featuring BBC intellectual property.

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