Top Gear (1977 TV series)/Series 25/Episode 10

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Episode 10

TG 1977 S25E10 WW.jpg This was William Woollard's final episode.

TG 1977 S25E10 JC.jpg His role on the show would be taken over by Jeremy Clarkson.

Prod. code NBMP063T
No. 226
Runtime 29:27
Prev ep. Series 25, Episode 9
Next ep. Series 26, Episode 1
Airdate 2nd May, 1991

Series 25, Episode 10 of Top Gear aired on the 2nd May, 1991. It was the tenth episode of Series 25; the 226th episode of Top Gear overall, including compilations. It was the 217th episode since Top Gear entered national broadcasting in 1978, and was the 10th programme to air in 1991 out of a total 24. Series 25, Episode 10 was originally broadcast in 576i at a 4:3 Standard aspect ratio on British television channel BBC Two. The episode was primarily presented by William Woollard, Chris Goffey, and Jeremy Clarkson, with additional segments presented by Tiff Needell.

After 10 years and 174[1][2] appearances on Top Gear, William Woollard made the decision to step down as lead host, partly due to the success of his production company Inca[3], which would go on to produce several award-winning scientific documentaries. He would be replaced from Series 26 that Autumn by the then 31 year old Jeremy Clarkson, who had only made 22 prior appearances on the programme since his 1988 debut.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As narrated by William Woollard:

  • TOLEDO: SEAT enters the Sierra market sector with the strangely familiar new Toledo.
  • SHOGUN: Mitsubishi fights back against the Discovery with an updated Shogun.
  • SILVERSTONE: And we try out the new-style Silverstone in a very desirable Jaguar.

This week, Top Gear is in Spain, with Woollard standing next to the castle walls at Montjuïc. With the 1992 Summer Olympics set to occur in two years' time, the nearby city of Barcelona is gearing up accordingly, refurbishing stadiums and essentially turning itself into one big construction site, with work also commencing on a brand new Formula 1 circuit. There's also been some fresh investment into the country's SEAT automotive marque, who have refreshed their Ibiza model, as well as launching their new saloon car, the Toledo, which Chris Goffey has test driven.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode would be the very last episode of Top Gear to be presented by William Woollard in his role of lead presenter, which he had held since 1981.
  • With the programme increasing in popularity, this series would mark the final time Top Gear ran for 10 episodes or less until the relaunched hour-long format premiered in 2002, 12 years later.

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