Top Gear (1977 TV series)/Series 26/Episode 1

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Episode 1
TG 1977 S26E01 Lead Image.jpgThis episode commenced Jeremy Clarkson's first run as lead host.
Prod. code NBMP064N
No. 227
Runtime 29:42
Prev ep. Series 25, Episode 10
Next ep. Series 26, Episode 2
Airdate 19th September, 1991

Series 26, Episode 1 of Top Gear aired on the 19th September, 1991. It was the first episode of Series 26; the 227th episode of Top Gear overall, including compilations. It was the 218th episode since Top Gear entered national broadcasting in 1978, and was the 11th programme to air in 1991 out of a total 24. Series 26, Episode 1 was originally broadcast in 576i at a 4:3 Standard aspect ratio on British television channel BBC Two. The episode was primarily presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Chris Goffey, and Quentin Willson, with additional segments presented by Tiff Needell.

After making 22[1] appearances on Top Gear between 1988 and the first half of 1991, it was decided to have Jeremy Clarkson replace the retiring William Woollard, who left the programme following the conclusion of its 25th series earlier that year. He would be joined by the programme's debuting new and used car buying guru, Quentin Willson.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As narrated by no-one:

  • Volkswagen's new Golf - the road test.
  • The perils of the used car jungle.
  • Piloting a Honda Pilot.

Riding a bicycle into the exhibition centre, Chris Goffey, along with his broadcasting presenter Clarkson, find themselves at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which can lay claim to being the oldest of its kind in the world, tracing its origins as far back as 1897. Volkswagen have taken over the entirety of Hall 6 in order to unveil their first new Golf since 1983.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode would be the very first episode of Top Gear to be presented by Jeremy Clarkson in his role of lead presenter.
  • He would present a further 195 episodes between 1991 and 1998 out of the 225 to air during that time period.
  • Overall, it was his 23rd Top Gear appearance since his debut in October 1988, out of a total 220 he'd make until 2000.
  • This would also be Quentin Willson's first of 190 appearances.
  • It was the first episode since 1981's Series 5, Episode 8 where William Woollard was not the current lead host.
  • Oddly, no-one would narrate the opening sequence for this episode.

References[edit | edit source]