Top Gear (2002 TV series)/Series 11

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Series 11 (2002 format)
As photographed for the May 2008 issue of Top Gear Magazine.
As photographed for the May 2008 issue of Top Gear Magazine.
Episodes 6
Originally aired 22/06/2008 - 27/07/2008
Original network BBC Two
Resolution 576i
Aspect ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Preceded by Series 10 (2007)
Superceded by Series 12 (2008)

The eleventh series of Top Gear premiered in the United Kingdom on the 22nd June, 2008, and concluded on the 27th July, 2008, after a run of 6 episodes. The series' main host was Jeremy Clarkson, and he was accompanied by Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig as co-presenters. The series was produced at Television Centre in Wood Lane, London, and aired on BBC Two in a 60-minute studio format. Series 11 attracted an average viewership rating of 5.94 million viewers per episode, with a peak of 6.72 million viewers for Episode 1, and a low of 5.21 million viewers for Episode 2.

Highlights from this series include the trio building three police cruisers out of used cars, Clarkson racing across Japan in a Nissan GT-R against the duo of Hammond and May riding the Shinkansen bullet train, and the series finale, which served as a crossover event with German automotive journalist series D-Motor, which starred Sabine Schmitz.